Special Numero-Tarot Readings For The New Lunar Year

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Check out your unique Numero-Tarot yearly readings by Dr. Jasvi, based on your month of birth:

JANUARY: [Lucky Card: Lovers; Lucky Number: 6]

Health: Excellent tidings where your health is concerned. Your healing has started. You are advised to embark upon a holistic and healthy lifestyle, which includes yoga and meditation.

Finance: You could be looking at a change in your job or even your career, for better financial prospects. Your hard-work will pay off. Always remember that change is the only permanent thing in life.

Relationship: Love is in the air! You could expect a beautiful new relationship to blossom and your bonds will strengthen with those you love. Enjoy these precious moments.


FEBRUARY: [Lucky Card: Sun; Lucky Number: 19]

Health: Try and avoid being sleepless nights. Mental stress always brings in and leads to physical illness. You need to stop worrying so much and have more faith in yourself and the universe.

Finance: Finances will flow your way from all directions. This is the time to encash your profits related to long term investments. Financially, a very prosperous year for you!

Relationship: A positive time for people who wish to tie the knot. Marriage is on the cards. Your relationship with family members will be happy and content.

MARCH: [Lucky Card: Star; Lucky Number: 17]

Health: Your health is in good shape. You will receive divine healing from long-standing illnesses. You are advised to pay attention to your diet and food habits.

Finance: You could face a temporary shortage of financial liquidity. While you have the money, it could be stuck somewhere. You are advised to start diligently planning your expenses and income.

Relationship: Communication is the key for a happy relationship. Avoid being stubborn. Consider things from another’s perspective – be understanding and co-operative with your partner. Avoid unnecessary fights.


APRIL: [Lucky Card: Wheel Of Fortune; Lucky Number: 10]

Health: You need to keep yourself active. Do not take your health for granted – do not ignore back pain. Take care of your health as a priority.

Finance: This is the perfect time for you to start a new venture. Finances will flow in from all directions. Success awaits you on a platter!

Relationship: You need to take some time and introspect your feelings. Follow your intuition. Don’t get too emotional. Be practical.

MAY: [Lucky Card: Empress; Lucky Number: 3]

Health: Your health will be fine. Do not over-work yourself in pursuit of your goals or you could face a burnout. Take some time out to breathe and relax.

Finance: New opportunities await you! This is the year that brings in awards and rewards! Finances will flow smoothly, there will be no challenges.

Relationship: You need to emerge from that painful past – stop holding on to toxic memories. Look at the bright side of the relationship. You are strong enough to strike the right  balance between your mind and your heart.

JUNE: [Lucky Card: Hierophant; Lucky Number: 5]

Health: You need to stop worrying and cribbing about inadequacies in life. Enjoy what you have. Do not try to control everything because this will stress you further.

Finance: You will be served success on a platter! Finances will improve but you are advised to avoid making any hasty or impulsive decisions. Think things through thoroughly before deciding.

Relationship: This year you will enjoy heartily with family in the rainbow of health, happiness, contentment and peace.

JULY: [Lucky Card: Strength; Lucky Number: 8]

Health: Your health looks good. Spend more time with family – take a vacation and enjoy with them to feel overall physical and mental contentment.

Finance: There will be financial security and stability. You are advised to practice caution before making any big investments.

Relationship: Don’t allow your mind to clutch on to unhealthy past experiences. Every day is a new day. Learn to let go and forget the past. Stay in the present to ensure a healthy future for your relationships.

AUGUST: [Lucky Card: World; Lucky Number: 21]

Health: Do not take your health for granted. Follow a healthy lifestyle. You need to pay special attention to your current lifestyle / habits and get onto a healthy track.

Finance: Travel is indicated for business growth and benefits. Learn how to make the best of what you have at hand instead of eyeing that which you want.

Relationship: Success and peace in relationships is predicted through this year. Happy days are here again! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth of good relations.

SEPTEMBER: [Lucky Card: High Priestess; Lucky Number: 2]

Health: Your health will be fine. This is a good year for people who wish to start family.

Finance: You are advised to earn money and save money. Your skills and expertise will help you amass good income of your work hard.

Relationship: This might seem like a time when you need to fight with those close to you to make your stand. Take expert advice or counselling, if needed. Let things go with the flow, don’t fight too hard.

OCTOBER: [Lucky Card: Justice; Lucky Number: 11]

Health: You are advised to try and get sound and peaceful sleep. Do not neglect any health issues. You need to believe more in yourself and that will heal you mentally.

Finance: Money will come knocking at your door from all over! This is the perfect time to start a new partnership – it will be very beneficial.

Relationship: You need to learn to express your point of view. Stop fighting over unnecessary issues. Justice will be served – this is the time to quit all the fighting and struggles, and live happily in peace together.

NOVEMBER: [Lucky Card: Emperor; Lucky Number: 4]

Health: Your physical health will be fine. You’re advised to spend quality time with your family. You should discuss your problems with friends or family as this will lessen the stress.

Finance: Stability in finances is predicted. You will be presented with new opportunities and proposals. Accept them. These would be fruitful financially.

Relationship: The Mother Divine herself blesses you and protects your relationships. Thank the universe for the countless blessings and happy life bestowed on you.

DECEMBER: [Lucky Card: Magician; Lucky Number: 1]

Health: Your health will be in great shape. Your spiritual healing has already started. Stay confident.

Finance: You are advised to do a little charity to wash away negative financial karma. Financial support will be there at hand when you need it.

Relationship: You are advised to make the most of the relationships with those around and not take people in your life for granted. Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of the flowers within reach! Be grateful for your blessings.

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