From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Have You Been Feeding That Negativity-Monster?

Dear Readers,

The dramatically increased flurry of negative messages circulating on social media and various WhatsApp groups or e-mails does not come as a surprise during the campaigning period. Like I shared in my last editorial, those embarking on such toxic campaigns, where they falsely malign others, even crossing the line and hitting below the belt, usually do so because they don’t have much to show for themselves.

But that aside, have you realized how being constantly exposed to such negativity affects you? How many of us spend time reflecting on the way we think? After all, who thinks about thinking, right? We need to realise that negativity is birthed as a thought and it thrives when you give it mind-space. We check our mobiles for messages multiple times, even within the hour – and these days, there’s always some group or some forwarded message that’s steeped in malice, guised as an exposé, meant to keep you ‘informed’.

Even just a quick glance of such hostile messages is often enough to deliver negativity within you. But it substantially worsens with your participation – when you forward or share such messages with others – because not only are you inadvertently infecting your mind with negativity, you’re now perpetuating it!

A negativity-infected mind affects all areas of your life – like the saying goes, when you view the world with rose-tinted glares, everything appears pink! It impacts your objectivity, compromises your potential and makes you question everything that’s positive. Your thoughts become a catalyst for self-perpetuating cycles of negativity… and you usually realise this when it’s a bit late in the day… you find yourself being increasingly disregarded, or worse, gradually alienated by friends and family.

And to think it all started with those negative/malicious, insipid messages about people who you had no real interest in, in the first place! Or even if you did have an interest, you simply chose to believe and perpetuate the lies and twisted truths written about them, without verifying any of it. And that cost you in ways you could never have guessed! But then, that is how the Negativity-Monster functions – subliminally and surreptitiously. Ask yourself, even if only unconsciously, have you been feeding the Negativity-Monster?

It’s truly time to be conscientious about the diet you’re feeding your mind. Remember, ultimately, it is our thoughts, not our bodies, that define our destiny. What we see and what we hear will define what and how we think. So protect your mind from this negativity – feed it only nutritious, positive and constructive thoughts. In doing so, you would, in fact, fall right back in line with our glorious religious tenets, that originate in Good Thoughts, which lead to the utterance of Good Words, and finally culminate into Good Deeds.

Have a good and positive weekend!


Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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