Master’s Munificence Transforms Hodiwalla Bungli

The inaugural function of the newly renovated Hodiwalla Bungli at Dongerwadi was held on 27th December, 2023. Seeing that the dilapidated Bungli was in urgent need of repairs, the community’s much respected couple – Arin and Percy Master decided to contribute towards its renovation. Speaking of what inspired him to take on this noble task, Captain Percy Master said, “It is Ahura Mazda who directs and guides us towards doing such good deeds.” He was ably supported in this endeavor by his wife Arin, son – Xerxes and daughter-in-law, Kainaz. The renovation was carried out in memory of and is dedicated to his late daughter-in-law, Pinaz Xerxes Master, who passed away at a very young age. The inauguration was also graced by her parents – Homi and Mehru Talati and sister, Shiraz Parbhoo.

The inaugural function began with a Jashan ceremony, followed by BPP’s Deputy CEO – Shehnaaz Khambatta introducing the donors and BPP trustees attending the inauguration. Anahita Desai lauded the contribution of the Master family towards the complete transformation of the Hodiwala Bungli – right from minor repairs to the flooring and the roof and ceiling supports, change of windows, water tanks, staircases to the terrace, bathrooms, kitchen, beautiful Moroccan design tiles in all the rooms, melamine polish on all the wooden furniture, new linen and pillows for the beds and even new crockery and cutlery – the ‘pavi’ is now composed of a single piece of Australian pearl marble. Even the Bungli’s living quarters resemble a luxury apartment!

As per interior designer and contractor, Khushru Sukhadia, who took over the project as a labour of faith, and has worked on the renovation of other Bunglis in Doongerwadi, “It is probably one of the best bunglis in the world today!” Anahita Desai commended him on completing the project in time despite his own personal challenges while Arin Master also appreciated his expertise and dedication.

Urging greater community involvement, Captain Percy Master said, “The strength of our religion and the continuity of our community depends on how well we maintain our places of worship. It’s important we see to their proper upkeep, for which I also request the BPP to consider setting up a ‘Maintenance Fund’ for our Bunglis, towards which community members can contribute.”

This was followed by felicitations of munificent donors who had contributed towards the betterment of Doongerwadi – including Mr. and Mrs. Hodiwalla, whose family originally built the Bungli; Persis Vacha (upkeep of Doongerwadi grounds); Soonu Buhariwalla (renovation of Tarachand bungli); Mr and Mrs Noshir Gotla (renovation of Bhabha Bungli); and Homai Dadachandji and Cyrus Siganporia were also felicitated. The dedication of Vistaspar Mehta, Manager of Doongerwadi, and his team of devoted workers was also greatly appreciated.

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