New Varasiaji Graces Dadiseth Atash Behram

On 26th November, 2023, community members heartily welcomed the new Varasiaji into the holy Dadiseth Atash Behram, located at Kalbadevi (Fanaswadi), Mumbai. Named ‘Pourashaspa’, the Varasiaji (albino bull-calf) was brought in from a farm in Karjat. A proper cowshed in the Atash Behram premises has been exclusively reserved for him, in keeping with the sacred requirements of purity and solitude. A caretaker will maintain medical records to ensure the consistent wellbeing of the Varasiaji.

The predecessor of ‘Pourashaspa’ passed away a couple of months ago, after serving the Atash Behram for twenty-three years. A kindly gentleman, who rears cattle in Karjat, donated the bull and also named him.

It is mandatory for a Varasiaji to have only white hair – including on his tail, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. A vital part of sacred rituals, the Varasiaji’s urine (taro) is consecrated through religious ceremonies and our manthravani (prayers), and is a crucial component in various religious rituals including weddings, Navjote ceremonies, ordaining of priests, etc.

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