Car Racing Champ Diana Pundole Leads MRF Championship 2024

In a male-dominated sport, where speed and skill reign supreme, our very own, favourite Zoroastrian woman race car driver, Diana Pundole emerged as a formidable force, during Round 1 of the MRF National Car Racing Championship 2024, shattering stereotypes and expectations once again! Over the course of three races in the first round, Diana deftly manoeuvred the challenges claiming victory in the MRF Saloon Car Category, where each competitor races a Toyota Cup Car.

The weekend kicked off with Diana qualifying on Pole position, Diana displayed great precision, surging ahead and crossing the finish line in first place despite a safety car intervention briefly disrupting her momentum. Though Race 2 had Pundole starting from the back due to the reverse grid formation race, Diana expertly navigated to secure a commendable 3rd place finish. The final race witnessed Diana starting again on Pole position, displaying unwavering consistency and cruising to victory, solidifying her dominance on the track. Notably, Diana set the fastest laps through every session over the weekend and also in each of the three races underscoring her expert performance against top male racers, securing the lead in the 2024 Championship now with 65 points – 2 Wins and a 3rd place.

Speaking with Parsi Times, Pundole beams with excitement, “What a weekend! It’s taken a great deal of rigorous practice, will-power and discipline to be in a position starting the championship on such a high note! As a race driver, being good is never enough. You always strive hard to be the best – and then better than that. There’s always that little bit more that one can do to push the limits, to achieve and to win. I’m hoping to take this championship lap by lap, corner by corner over the next three rounds! To have the support and love of my community has greatly helped in keeping me going and I’m very grateful for it.”

(You can watch Diana’s live races on YouTube and follow her on Insta: diana.pundole)

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