Boman Irani Celebrates ‘Spiral Bound’s 700 Sessions Milestone

On 19th April, 2024, one of India’s foremost actors and filmmaker – Boman Irani, who is known for his iconic roles on screen and exemplary talent, celebrated the milestone of completing 700 sessions for his screenwriting network – ‘Spiral Bound’.

Established by Boman Irani during the COVID lockdown, ‘Spiral Bound’ helps aspiring writers through free workshops conducted by acclaimed filmmakers and personalities from the world of cinema. Not surprisingly, it witnesses regular attendance by numerous screenwriters from across India, who greatly benefit through this learning, which takes place via online sessions.

As passionate about this project as he is about all others, Boman Irani shared a heartfelt note on Social Media: “For those who don’t know of Spiral Bound; it began as an informal way to mentor eager writers during the uncertainty of the pandemic. Thankfully, the pandemic ended, but Spiral Bound grew exponentially. Anyone can join. Free of charge. The only problem is that the sessions are addictive. Spiral Bounders keep coming for session after session to learn, share, and sharpen their skills. Actors, cinematographers, designers, and editors too find value in this beautiful community. 700 sessions old, we celebrate this special day with the promise of many more. Hoping that Indian cinema will benefit, careers will be created and strength of character will be a by-product. I say this proudly. Anyone can join. We ask for nothing in return except the will to learn. Congratulations!!!!!”

Congratulations indeed to one of the nation’s most talented and loved performers as also the absolute pride of our community!

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