Meherbai Plans A Vacation

It was the month of May, hot as hell and all Meherbai’s friends were abroad on vacation. “Marerey!  Sorabji Shakespeare was so right about the middle of May being hot and stuffy when he wrote ‘Beware The Ides Of May!’”, she said. “Arreyrey!  What ‘Gotala Ma Goss’ you are doing! It is ‘Beware the Ides of March’.” “March […]

Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke!

Of all the seasons, the monsoon is the best, in spite of the flooded roads, railway tracks, traffic jams and telephone lines being ‘katti’ with you. It’s the most audible of all seasons with an entire gamut of ‘dhoom-dhadakas’ of thunder, savage winds lashing out at trees and making them sway like the ‘sega’ dancers […]

Crazy Over Coffee

Coffee has come a long way since my childhood, when the beans would be roasted, put in a grinder and brewed to perfection. Today, we hear of instant noodles, instant sex (without love) and instant coffee. Like everything else in life, coffee has become complicated. Today, you do not ask just for a coffee. It […]

In Search Of Happiness

Magazines these days are filled with articles like ‘Ten short-cuts to happiness’. In Britain, newspapers are asking whether their nation is suffering from a ‘happiness-crisis’ quoting surveys to suggest that most Britons are grumpy, dissatisfied, depressed and unhappy. Several great philosophers since Aristotle have been searching for the secret of true happiness. Today, it’s simply […]