WZCC Toronto Holds ‘The Global Zoroastrian Press Q and A’ Webinar

The World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) Toronto chapter presented ‘The Global Zoroastrian Press Q and A’ Webinar on 25th September, 2021. Open discussions were held with the Zoroastrian media publications from around the globe. The panelists included Dolly Dastoor from FEZANA, Jehangir Patel from Parsiana, Anahita Subedar from Parsi Times, Shernaaz Engineer from Jame-e-Jamshed […]

Boman… Beyond The Superstar!

Every movie buff enjoys the inimitable Boman-magic that our multi-talented Boman Irani spins on-screen, entertaining the audience full-on, through all his eclectic characters that he portrays effortlessly! On-screen and off-screen, people tend to gravitate towards his friendly demeanor, enchanting personality, his respectful nature and a magical ability to relate to all, immaterial of their standing. […]

A Tribute To Late Noshir Tantra – Cricketer Par Excellence!

Mumbai has time and again added to the rich heritage of India’s extraordinary cricketing talent… one such great personality, who was highly respected and appreciated by family, friends, team-mates and the fraternity, was the former cricketer, Late Noshir Tantra. This humble and down-to-earth gentleman, who served the game with distinction, passed away on 18th January, […]