Team Parsi Times is humbled and grateful for the appreciation and encouragement shared by some of our Community Greats on the occasion of its 10-year Anniversary! 

“My heartfelt congratulations to Parsi Times on its special 10th anniversary. Being one of the leading Parsi publications, it has played a vital role in producing high quality content for its readers. PT has always made a significant contribution in highlighting positive and great achievements of our dear community. On this wonderful milestone, I wish Parsi Times and its entire team lots of success… Keep up the great work!”

Boman Irani Community Icon, Actor extraordinaire, Photographer and Singer


“Many congratulations to the Parsi Times team on completing 10 years of publication. PT has brought to its readers an enjoyable mix of reliable news, information and entertainment. We look forward to receiving PT every Saturday morning. Appreciation is all due to your efforts in highlighting successful stories of the young and old members of our community whose talent and caliber would otherwise have gone unnoticed. May you continue to contribute to the society by delivering reliable, accurate, informative, motivative and inspirative material to our community and thus expand your readership. Wishing you the very best for continued success always!”

Vada Dasturji of Iranshah, Udvada – Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor

“Congratulations Parsi Times on reaching the milestone of 10 years – the first of very many more to come. In present day and times, ethics in journalism plays a vital role in standing up for and defending what is right and chastising that which is not. There are no ethics in any walk of life that transcend the value of taking up causes that adversely affect human beings. A community or country that cannot depend on journalistic ethics will always find itself in deep trouble. Best Wishes to team Parsi Times to continue the trend of healthy journalism that has been established.” 

Dinshaw K. Tamboly – Chairman, WZO Trust and Community Visionary

“I’m delighted to wish our Parsi Times a very Happy 10th anniversary. Our dear editor – Anahita Subedar, Journalist -Binaisha Surti and everyone associated with PT have done a fantastic job, bringing interesting news to our wonderful community. Keep going PT! Especially during these difficult times when it is so important to put a smile on our community’s faces – your informative articles and features do just that. Wishing you, our readers and entire community my very best wishes. God Bless you all!”

Farokh Engineer – Legendary Former India Cricketer

“Congratulations Parsi Times on your 10th Birthday. Best wishes always to you and the team.”

Sooni Taraporevala – Photographer, Screenwriter and Film Director 


“Congratulations Parsi Times on your 10th anniversary. You have been doing a splendid job, informing the community of what’s truly going on. PT carries interesting information for people of all ages and is eagerly looked forward to especially at my residence. We wish you good luck for the future and may you entertain and inform future generations!” 

Parvez Damania – Aviation Expert; Art Collector; and Businessman


“Parsi Times finishing 10 years – what a journey! Ever since Anahita Subedar came in, she has not just been the editor but truly a friend, philosopher and guide… not just for her associates but the entire community, bringing a lot of value to PT. PT literary speaks about everything happening in the country, city and across the world relevant to the community. I’m so happy for its presence. It’s diverse – with articles about health, medicine, fitness, sports, community news; sharing which Parsi is excelling in what field, across the world! We are updated about Agiaries, Atashbehrams and about the best that is happening. Thank you, Anahita, and Parsi Times for always being there!”

Dr. Mickey Mehta – Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach

“Happy 10th anniversary dear Parsi Times. Congratulations to the entire PT team and especially to the editor Anahita Subedar. It has grown to be an intrinsic part of our community’s Saturdays. Recently, what impressed me was that during the pandemic when most papers were unable to bring out hard copies of their publications, the Parsi Times came out with hard copies. Keep it up and all the best for a shining future.”

Anahita Desai – CEO WAPIZ and Community’s Leading Social Worker 

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every team member. Congratulations to Parsi Times on completing 10 successful years. May you continue the journey of success for many more decades. Best wishes always.”

Diana Marfatia – Principal, Bai Avabai Petit Girls’ High School; and Mentor – HPY


“Parsi Times is a Parsi Publication that I enjoy waking up to on Saturday mornings. I skim through the e-version while still in bed but read it more carefully over breakfast. What I like about PT is its easy style. The content is always topical and lively. The editorial policy is neither overtly orthodox nor rabidly reformist. The contributors cover varied subject from fun and food to religion and travel. There is something of interest for all age groups. The writeups are relevant and non pedantic. It’s the seamless simplicity of this publication that I like the most.

Happy birthday PT and here’s to many more years of bringing joy and cheer to your avid readers.”

Noshir H Dadrawala – Religious and Cultural Scholar; and BPP Trustee

“Congratulations PT on your 10th anniversary. Your weekly is a breath of fresh air every Saturday, bringing the latest updates of the community from across the world for young and old alike. Activities and competitions enhance the enthusiasm of the young readers while religious and community events enthrall the seniors, keeping them on their toes. May you grow from strength to strength as you carve your own unique path to higher successes!”

Yazdi Tantra – Chairman, Zoroastrian Bank and Tech-Guru


Congratulations Parsi Times on your 10th anniversary! Wish you many, many more in the years to come. A special thanks to editor Anahita Subedar and Journalist Binaisha Surti for covering Parsee Gymkhana cricket through the years. Also, a very special thank you and best wishes to PT on behalf of the President and Managing Committee of Parsee Gymkhana. God Bless!”  

Khodadad Yazdegardi – VP & Cricket Secretary, Parsee Gymkhana; and MCA Apex Council Member

“Wishing Parsi Times lots of success, good luck and the grit to move ahead with greater achievements.” 

Arnavaz Mistry – Leading Community Service and Social Activist 




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