Merry Christmas! Dear Readers, A distinguishing factor about Parsis is we celebrate every festival with zest and glee. Christmas holds a special place in our hearts perhaps because we resonate with its essential spirit of giving – in keeping with the essence of our very own Parsipanu, oft defined as philanthropy. While no one should […]

Gift A Pictorial ‘Present’ Of Our Rich ‘Past’ On Navroz!

A compilation of over a hundred pictures depicting our rich Zoroastrian culture and heritage, ‘Like Sugar In Milk’ is a photographic compendium authored by Italian photojournalist, Majlend Bramo. Commencing this project back in 2014, 30-year-old Majlend states, “While working for the Florence based newspaper, ‘Corriere Della Sera’, I came across an Italian book by Terzani […]