The 101 Names Of Ahura Mazda And Their Meanings

Yazad: Worthy of worship Harvesp-tavan: Omnipotent Harvesp-agah: Omniscient Harvesp-khuda: The Lord of the universe Abadah: Having no beginning Abi-anjam: Having no end Buneshteh: The source of all creation Frakhtan-teh: The noble End of everything Chamag: The Lord of reasoning Parjatarah: The Exalted Tum-afik: The most innocent Abarvand: The Unique Parvanda: Within everybody An-aiyafah: Perfection itself […]

‘In Search Of My God’

Ashem Vohu – As Explained By Zarathushtra The following excerpt shares Zarathushtra Himself explaining the meaning and the significance of our omnipotent prayer, ‘Ashem Vohu’, as received by Him, directly from Ahura Mazda… “The prayer, Ashem Vohu is in praise of righteousness and wishing to know how this prayer stood in the mind of our […]