License To Shoot

PT: Tell us about your childhood, following in your father’s footsteps. Faroukh: Strangely, despite both dad and Jal Kaka being two of the most well-known names in the industry, cinematography wasn’t my preferred vocation. I wanted to be a surgeon. But a chance assignment as a photo-journalist with the Times of India group post my […]

Proud Indian ‘FIRSTS’ By Parsis!

1. Printing And Publishing History ‘FIRSTS’: Parsis are known to make history with their many ‘Firsts’, doing both, the Community and the Country very proud. On our seventh anniversary, Parsi Times is proud to share a tribute dedicated to some of our glorious Parsis of yore, across Seven different fields, who individually and collectively consolidated the […]

Happy B’day Parsi Times!!

“With the Blessings of Ahuramazda and Iranshah I heartily congratulate your publication on the completion of 7 glorious years. As you celebrate the joys of today and the memories of yesterday I wish you greater success for tomorrow. May you commit yourselves to excel at guiding and providing significant and enlightening information and entertainment to […]

It’s Time To Speak Up!

…… Parsi Times: Why have you finally decided to speak up now? Kersi Randeria: The straight-up answer is – unfortunately, it is election time once again, and the politicians of our community are out in full strength. Their main objective is to perpetually launch vicious, personal attacks on people by running them down. By doing […]

‘World Zoroastrian Young Leaders Forum’ Leads The Way!

. . Founded on the Zoroastrian principles of environmental and social sustainability, The Asha Centre is a haven of serenity that aims at delivering transformative education “to bring about lasting inner, social and environmental change.” In short, the perfect pedestal to host the nineteen excited participants who came in from India, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, the US, […]