Hands That Help

The following is an initial list of Causes and related organisations that seek your time and participation: J J Hospital Parsi Ward: Parsi Ward No. 28 at JJ Hospital, at Byculla, calls upon individuals who are willing to spare the most precious gift – their time with lonely seniors. Bring a smile on our seniors’ […]

BPP Connect

Housing Ever since I first contested the BPP election in September 2003 opposite Dinshaw Tamboly, it has been my dream that the BPP should be an oasis for the less fortunate of our community. Today I can proudly say that my dream has become a reality. Every week at least half a dozen families/couples approach […]

Darabsha On Diet

‘Diet’ is a four letter word. It is almost as bad as the word which, when we used to utter it, our dear mothers would threaten to scrub our tongue with soap and butara (a stick broom)! It is a different matter now, with the offending word becoming almost an accepted part of our vocabulary, […]

Men Of La Mummo-Chachcho

I am surprised, nay shocked, Meherbai and her vociferous, or is it voracious, baug-brigade has not censured all the verbal diarrhoea that is being spewed out by the so-called leaders of our destiny, of our Bharat, i.e. India. Hungry for power, these leaders(?)  use a language that would make a sailor blush! Elections seem to […]

Meherbai And The Story Of ‘25 Slaps’

At their usual Chai-pe-Charcha session, this time at the US Club at Colaba, Meherbai’s Mandli drove the waiter crazy (so what’s new?) with each one ordering a different dish and different preferences ranging from “Don’t put salt!”, “Put more salt!”, “No Ajinomoto in the soup!”, ” Yes, more Ajinomoto!”, “Make it sweet!”, “No sugar please!”, […]