Film Review – Finding Dory

Rating-Finding DoryA successful prequel is never a certainty for the fate of its subsequent films.

Firstly, the title is a bit of a misnomer. The film is all about a young blue tang fish Dory (Ellen De Generes) with a short-term-memory loss syndrome, who gets separated from her parents. The trials–and tribulations-of the adorable Dory while searching for her mum Jenny (Dianne Keaton) and dad Charlie (Eugene Levy) form the crux of the story. The prequel ‘Finding Nemo’ (2003) was about a father looking for its lost infant, here we have a young one looking for its parents.

Along the way Dory meets up with the steadfastly loyal Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and dad Marlin (Albert Brooks). The film attempts to depict the ties which bind family and friends.

Shoals of fish look the other way as Dory pleads for help. The filmmakers astutely offset this by introducing a host of characters—among them Destiny the shark, Becky the bird, Hank the octopus, the sea-lions and the Beluga whale—all of whom contribute in their own way towards uniting, and reuniting, Dory with her parents.

To an extent, and despite some relief in the form of comedy, the film does succeed in tugging at your heartstrings.

Kids will delight in the part where Dory, in her quest for her parents, lands up at the Marine Life Institute, whose motto is ‘Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release’.

While the vivid colours of the ocean and sea bed, along with the diverse marine life are the plus points of the film, it has been stretched by atleast 20 minutes.

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