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Anahita SubedarThe much awaited monsoon season has finally descended upon Bombay in all its glory – lightning, thunder, heavy showers, et al! Let’s hope that the Rain Gods bless not just Maharashtra, but all of India, and do away with one of the nation’s worst droughts since independence, which has left millions of Indians grappling with water scarcity.

Even as the rains bring some relief, the longer term challenge looming large, is the depleting levels of groundwater and surface supplies. We need to be more committed than ever to use water wisely and responsibly.

Responsibility, like love, starts with us. Be it ‘seemingly non-personal’ issues like littering or saving water and power, which to most of us, don’t possess an overt threat to our lives and livelihood….. to more ‘personal’ issues which openly threaten our survival, like numerous addictions.The top ten addictions globally include being addicted to alcohol, smoking, gambling, coffee/caffeine, food, internet browsing and online-shopping, video-games, sex, work and drugs. Needless to mention, drug addiction rules the list amongst the most self-destructive of all.

26th June, Sunday, is observed as International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Parsi Times takes this opportunity to spread awareness about the dilemma of drug abuse that has been rampant in our community for some time now, and is only getting bigger. Any choice that leads to self-destruction is insulting to our Maker. Usage of drugs makes one look more like a ‘fool’ instead of ‘cool’ because it single-handedly goes down as one of the most unintelligent habits of man. The only thing scarier than this growing monster in our own backyards, is taking the easy way out and choosing to be in denial about our community’s ugly underbelly. Because if we don’t acknowledge a problem, we can’t solve it.

I mean, come on! We are Parsis! We are the community that’s always smiling and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces! Let’s get ‘high’ on happiness coz we have so much reason to be happy – blessed by destiny to be born into this fabulous, progressive, spiritually evolved and cherished community! Let’s not depend on people or situations or those darned chemicals or even God to make us happy! Let’s take charge of our lives and be responsible for our happiness!

Have a happy, happy, happy weekend, all!


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