Media Wars In The Smallest Community

Dear Editor,

At the outset, let me thank Dinshaw Mehta. In his paid write-up last Sunday in the Jam-e-Jamshed, the ‘Media partners’ he claimed to have not gone to the TOI and was instead giving the clarification in Jam-e-Jamshed! The next day, to my surprise I see his photo in Mumbai Mirror clarifying to the National Media when he had agreed to abstain from going to National press! Whether this is a compulsion or double standard, is for the readers to decide. A fact that cannot be denied or justified.

Allotment of a flat to Dr. Farokh Master is a hot topic under discussion today which the ex-Chairman cronies are raking up. I am glad he has taken up the issue. We all should support him.

Having said that, Dinshaw Mehta should also kindly include ALL THE FLATS, that were allotted in his tenure to Phiroze Patel. He must also include the case of his friend Maneck Davar to whom he gave tenancy rights in a shady deal. He should also take the case of his friend Dorab Elavia who resides in Gamadia Colony and has an office in Khareghat Colony (and the receipt for the same is prepared in the name of 2 different individuals not related in any manner) and who has another flat in Khareghat Colony that is kept locked in Building No. 16, where the BPP has also put in another lock to deny him access!

Some time back it was reported that he was also carrying keys of vacant flats, Building No. 17 at Khareghat Colony, to show prospective buyers. How he managed to get the keys is anyone’s guess! He must also not forget to include the various four flats which, I am told – Mickey Mehta and his family have been allotted in various Trust properties. Does Mickey Mehta deserve 4 flats to live in Trust properties? No wonder he endorses the ex-Chairman’s favourite candidates! Four needy families have been deprived because some self-styled rich, ‘holistic guru’ and family are sitting on 4 flats!!! All these people are now by default, mouthpieces of the ex-Chairman and continuously keep fanning the fire in Jam-e-Jamshed week after week. Let’s not single out only Dr. Farokh Master!

Having said the above, in no way am I justifying the allotment to Dr. Farokh Master. If he has another flat, the allotment must be cancelled, even if it the allotment was recommended by Mr. Nusli Wadia or anyone else. A Trust should be run like a Trust and not as a Trustees’ personal property. He is a responsible figure in the society and must act responsibly.

The second issue is ‘Tamaru Jame Jamshed’ – it is NOT ‘Apru Jame’ anymore. I do not think there is any ‘ban’ issue here. As it is, I feel Jame is not affordable as even on community matters you have to pay to be published. These set of cronies, who we all know about now, write articles and keep fanning the fire week after week while Jame fills up the coffers. Shernaz Engineer is not bothered about ascertaining facts before publishing as long as Jame keeps getting revenue! An article about an organisation or a Trust or an individual cannot be termed as an advertisement. In case the article is misleading, the Editor is as much responsible as the person who authored the article.

Recently, Shernaz Engineer had to publish an apology in her paper for a derogatory article written by one of ex-Chairman’s cronies against a candidate’s daughter. Shameful on part of Shernaz Engineer to have character-assassinated a candidate’s daughter to fill Jame’s coffers. She can’t deny this because she’s already apologised.

I have also in the past sent articles to be publised in Jam-e-Jamshed on community matters but not a single write-up was printed. Can Shernaz Engineer explain why? I will give you the answer – my articles were against her patrons. Further, Jame does not even acknowledge the mails sent to them. This is not a weekly for the community anymore. I have found her to be very biased. Jame is supposed to be a community paper and she must not make money out of the community by publishing controversial articles without verifying facts. Jame needs a revamp and a neutral editor.

By Arzan Ghadialy

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