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New! New!! New!!!

Dear Readers,

Having danced away the monsoons with the Navratris, it’s time to ring in the new season! So, on we head, looking forward to welcoming the winters… Umm… let me rephrase that – looking forward to welcoming the ‘not-that-hot’ time of the year.

So maybe ‘Bombay Winters’ is an oxymoron, but I assure you, there’s no place more chilled out to be than Bombay, when we enter the festive season. Starting November, there will be festivities galore – lagans, navjotes, parties and all! Always a splendid sight to see our gorgeous community belles or ‘fatakris’ resplendent in their Gara saris and our ‘chikna’ bawas all shaven and decked up, adding to the visual jubilance of the Baugs and celebrations.

Yes indeed! We would all be celebrating the ‘New’… the onset of a new season, a new round of festivities, new things to shop for, new people to meet, new travel plans, new ideas to celebrate Diwali, Christmas, New year and so on. Maybe this time we can up the level of the ‘New List’ even more – how about a new, renewed sense of self-commitment towards our goals, especially health? How about a new outlook enabling greater growth? How about a new attitude of acceptance towards fresh or contradictory perspectives? How about a new resolve towards the solidarity and betterment of our community? And most importantly, how about a new sense of gratitude, instead of entitlement, towards what we have been blessed with, as a community?

So here’s to the new season of festivities! Here’s to a new you!
Have a fun weekend!!


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I am so proud of you Anahita. You always call Bombay, Bombay! And not that miserable vernacular sounding pathetic name given to it (as you can see I preferred to type all this than simply spell out that utterly disgusting name!)

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