Veteran Journalist Piroj Wadia Passes Away

Familiar face in the world of entertainment writers, died of septicaemia

Veteran film, television and entertainment journalist, Piroj Wadia passed away in Mumbai on 19th June, 2017, losing her life to septicaemia. In her 60s, Piroj was admitted to the Parsi General Hospital for the past three weeks, after her asthma-related breathing issues aggravated and increasingly deteriorated her health.

She worked for Cine Blitz magazine and was also the editor of the now defunct TV and Video World magazine. Film journalist and city historian Rafique Baghdadi credits her for her warmth and hospitality and the ability to make friends. “I think she had more friends than relatives,” he recalls.

Though Wadia lived alone and didn’t have immediate family or relatives, a circle of friends including Vinta Nanda, Dolly Thakore, Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Rinki Bhattacharya, Hill Sethna were always around for her. Her close friends, Nina Goel and Delnaz, had brought her to the hospital and looked after her in her last days. For the last four years Wadia had been contributing a TV column by Vinta Nanda ( Her final column appeared in the last week of May.

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