‘Yazd’ Now A World Heritage Site

On 9th July, 2017, the World Heritage Committee voted the historical city of ‘Yazd’, formerly known as ‘Yezd’ in central Iran, as the country’s 22nd World Heritage Site, ranking first in the Middle East and eleventh, worldwide. Announced during the Committee’s 41st session in Krakow (Poland), Yazd is the only UNESCO-listed Iranian city where people still live, and has almost 200 hectares of the city’s 2,270 hectare area, under ‘World Heritage Status’. Known for its Persian architecture, Yazd is home to Dolat Abad Garden, one of nine Iranian gardens inscribed collectively on the World Heritage List as ‘The Persian Gardens’, Zoroastrian fire temples and tall structures known as badgirs, or wind-catchers, which in ancient times functioned as natural ventilation in large buildings.

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