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Re: PT Report Of Tragic Accident At Udvada Station

Hats off to Parsi Times for having promptly highlighted the tragedy having befallen Aspi Sepoy at the Udvada Rly. Station viz. having lost both his legs while trying to Board the Firozpur Express Janta. However, what merits mention is that the platform at Udvada Station (unlike Bhilad Stn. where it has been brought in the level of the Train’s footboard) is so very low that even in the normal course, the daily commuters too find it extremely difficult even to alight. Reason – the footboard of the train is way above the platform, thereby leaving a wide gap in between.

It is learnt that even in the past, events such as these or worse still have taken place. Unfortunately, these remain unreported in the fourth estate. Even repeated follow-up entreaties in this respect made to Shri Mukul Jain. Divl. Rly. Manager, Western Railway both in person and in writing to give utmost priority to raising the Udvada platform height rather than concentrating on beautifying, seems to be but a far cry as of now.

Adjudging the above, the actual need of the hour very much demands that the aforesaid burning issue ought to be taken-up at the level of Piyush Goel, the Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways, N. Delhi. This alone can help redress this long lingering grievance of the Rail commuters at least on Humanitarian grounds


– N R Balsara


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