Volunteers Beautify Patel Agiary

In keeping with Parsi Times’s commitment to not let good deeds go unnoticed, we are delighted to once again share that a group of dedicated Zoroastrian volunteers successfully managed to clean Seth Framji Naserwanji Patel Agiyari (Kadmi Adarian) in Mazagaon, Mumbai on September 24, 2017, just in time for its 172nd Salgreh, on September 26, 2017. A group of six volunteers and five mobeds from the Agiary collaborated and completed the tasks in just one day, while snacking on refreshments provided by the Panthaky of Patel Agiary, Er. Nariman Dalal. As a sign of gratitude Er. Dalal also gifted them ‘Ashodad’, which the group has decided to put to use by buying
more cleansing/maintenance equipment.

Standing true to the spirit of Zoroastrianism, more community members are requested to come forward and volunteer their services towards the upkeep of our religious places and donate cleaning equipment and instruments, even if these are in a repairable condition.

For details, contact Mahernoz Jiwasa on 9594376579/ 9869630799.

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