Today Is My Own, Perchance Tomorrow May Never Come

Start your weekend with positive vibes with inspirational excerpts from the acclaimed book,  ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla of Karachi.

Yesterday is past beyond recall. Today only is mine. Let me make the best use of it as it is my sure possession. Tomorrow has shadowy existence. It may or may not dawn for me. I may be dead and gone before it is born. Let me put procrastination far from me, when it comes with silent steps to steal my time. Let me not put off today’s work till tomorrow and let me not leave undone what can be done today.

Time gives birth every morning to the day and the day brings boundless opportunities and boundless potentialities. I can compress all my life-work in this one day, and concentrate my whole life in it, if I willed. Let my thoughts and words and deeds of the day be such as they will out-live the day; make the history of my life. This day of mine is my life. Let me utilize every hour and every minute and every second so that I may live a whole life in this one day, that is, today.

Time is more valuable than the costliest thing in the world. Teach me, Ahura Mazda, to make the utmost use of my time between minutes and months, hours and years of my life.

Swiftly flow the waters of the river of time. May the bark of my life glide smoothly on its stream, that I may steer it to the shore of safety. Time leaves furrows on man’s face and writes wrinkles on his brow. Each passing day in life hastens death near. Let me not trifle away and waste my today. Help me to live today, fully and nobly and selflessly and leave tomorrow to its fate, Ahura Mazda!

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