From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

It is once again my privilege to present you our Bumper Parsi New Year Special Issue! This year, we celebrate a key aspect of our life which plays the largest role in securing our happiness and peace, yet one that is usually taken for granted – Relationships… across all paradigms – with family and friends, with Ahura Mazda, with our teachers and doctors, with food and our two-wheelers, with our environment, our pets and more…

But more than all else, it is Parsi Times’ greatest honour, as I’m sure it is for our readers, to have none other than – our Community’s living legend, and one of the most globally respected, admired and inspiring Indians in our nation’s history – the great, Shri Ratan Tata himself, greet the Community on the auspicious occasion of the Parsi New Year and share a lovely message (Pg. 6). There could be no better start to the New Year than this! On behalf of our Community and, Parsi Times, I extend heartfelt gratitude and New Year Greetings to him.

PT is also most privileged and thankful to share an endearing message for our Community, from the Magsaysay Award (2018) winning environmentalist extraordinaire, Shri Sonam Wangchuk (Pg.78), one of India’s prominent frontrunners leading the Green Movement. And of course, there’s lots of other engaging content for our readers to peruse, participate in and win prizes! Speaking of which, I thank you all for the enormous response to our New Year Contest (Results on Pg.74) Such an amazing display of talent left us all wowed and made it that much more challenging to pick the winners! So, heartiest congratulations to all who participated!

Next week also marks our Independence Day on August 15, a couple of days before our New Year on the 17th. It’s nearly poetic – because India opened her arms providing us safe haven, granting us our freedom (to settle and peacefully practice our religion) from the oppressive radicals of Persia. And in turn, we joined our forces, however small, to go shoulder to shoulder with India in her freedom struggle. Numerous Parsi freedom fighters and veterans are revered to this day for their bravery and patriotism – Madam Bhikaji Cama, Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw, Air Marshall Aspi Engineer, Admiral Jal Cursetjee and so many more. It was always ‘country before self’ for these greats, and rightfully, in the same vein, every year, we celebrate our National Independence Day before we celebrate our Parsi New Year!

I’m sure our New Year Special Issue will find a way of making you smile, laugh, get reflective, add value to more than just your weekend, and augment the New Year spirit and celebration! And as you ponder the various relationships that enrich your life, do spare a thought about your relationship with your Community, and how you plan to live out the true essence of being a Zarthosti in the new orbit. Do send in your feedback.

I thank all our fabulous writers for elevating Parsi Times to even greater heights with their excellent content; as also our generous Advertisers for their continued support and rightful conviction in PT’s ability to reach their brands to every Parsi home. And a bigger thank you to all our readers and well-wishers – your loyal patronage motivates and empowers us all at PT to deliver you the truth, week after week, to justify your faith in us as the Community’s Number One Weekly!

On behalf Team Parsi Times, Sal Mubarak to all!



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