Eight Manthras For Your Benefit

Daisy P. Navdar is a teacher by profession and a firm believer in the efficacy of our Manthravani. She is focused on ensuring that the deep significance of our prayers is realized by our youth.

In the Rashne Yasht, Zarathushtra is said to have asked Ahura Mazda, “What of the Holy Word is created true?….Ahura Mazda answered, “The most glorious Holy Word is created  true, that which is created progress making, that which is fit to discern, that which is healthful, wise and happy, that which is more powerful to destroy, than all other creatures.”- Excerpt from ‘Zoroastrianism – An Ethnic Perspective’ by Khojeste Mistree

In our growing years we are taught, nay forced to perform our kusti, go to the Agiary and Atashbehram on auspicious days and pray to a God we cannot see, in a language we do not understand! Very often the youthful mind questions the logic of ritualistic prayer. Based on my own journey and experience from not wearing the sadra-kusti to spending two hours every day for my prayers, I share with you the essence of my learning…

So, here is a challenge, to the youth of my beloved community to test the efficacy of our prayers. I will not start with long prayers but request your attention to these 8 names of Dadar Ahura Mazda (in celebration of 8 years of Parsi Times!) The meanings of these are given hereunder and it is my ardent request that you recite just these 8 names for all of the next week. If you do not find any benefit, then please do write in an admonishment. However, if you feel that these words (manthras) have worked, then I urge you to continue to use these in your daily life:

  • Ya Harvespa Tavan: reciting this name increases strength.
  • Ya Farakhtantehe: reciting this name can cure eye ailments (we all suffer from tired eyes due to mobile usage all day long).
  • Ya Adaro: reciting this name gives us the direction to walk on the right path and helps us surmount any obstacles.
  • Ya Safna: reciting this name showers us with progress (for advancement in work, finances, etc).
  • Ya Nasha: is one who is upright and honest and reciting this name It helps us overcome bad habits and walk the right path.
  • Ya Anaaynahe: is the creator of beauty and reciting this name helps invoke aesthetic benefits for for those who wish to enhance their looks.
  • Ya Beshtarna: reciting this name removes difficulties and can be invoked for good health.
  • Ya Adar Kibaritatoom: reciting this name changes a rock-like person into a gem-like one – basically it helps transform your mindset and outlook. Reciting this name is especially beneficial for students who have difficulties in studying.

Pls Note: These names should be recited at least 9 times each, after doing your kusti.

And remember always – the seed of prayer sown today will help you grow into your highest and best self. Try it!

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