Central Bank of India Holds Dae Mah Jashan

On 7th June, 2019, the Central Bank of India (CBI), held its 39th annual Deh Mahino Jashan at Mumbai’s Cama Baug Agyari at 5:15 pm. After the Jashan, Veera Mundroina, Asst. Manager, CBI welcomed the gathering of about two hundred past and present employees and their families, including previous CMDs Homai Daruwalla and Noshir Mistry, amongst others.

The entertainment was at an all-time high as Band ‘Hijackers’ enthralled the audience with past and present Bollywood hits. Giving the vote of thanks, Veera Mundroina sincerely thanked Vada Dasturji Er. Keki Ravji, Dasturji of Cama Baug Agyari for conducting the Jashan ceremony for the prosperity of Central Bank of India; Burjor Antia for his continued help; Phiroze Sethna of Avan Foods for providing refreshments; caterer Jimmy Gadiwalla and the management of Cama Baug. She extended her gratitude for the well-organized Central Bank Jashan cum Social Gathering event to Committee members Adil Daboo, Jeroo Irani, Maharukh Todankar and Dinsu Vatcha, along with the present and retired staff members, who helped with donations.

Central Bank offers various Loan Schemes for Education, Housing, Vehicles, etc; ‘Cent Aspire’ and ‘Cent Mortgage’ have proven to be quite beneficial. CBI’s Net Banking, M-Pass Book and Cent Mobile are useful to all as these provide excellent digital banking conveniences. Those who wish to know further details are requested to contact your nearest Central Bank branch

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