‘Clean And Green Udvada’ Initiative Holds Successful Cleanliness And Awareness Drive

On 13th January, 2020, the ‘Clean and Green Udvada’ team successfully conducted an awareness drive in Udvada, working alongside the local school students and the Gram Panchayat volunteers to clean Udvada village, which concluded with one tractor full of garbage off the streets! Established a year ago, the ‘Clean and Green Udvada’ initiative aims at working towards the betterment of Udvada residents and the village. It was founded by Zarine Bharda, Filly Bapuna and Zinobia Sidhwa, who aim, through this initiative, to create awareness of a Clean and Green Udvada.

In addition to the garbage collection that was efficiently carried out, awareness was also raised among the locals as the CGU team chatted with home owners about the dangers of littering and burning plastic and other disposed items and how it’s not the best solution.

The ‘Clean and Green Udvada’ (CGU) team has been periodically organising Clean-up Campaigns to clean Udvada village and the beach with the participation of local school children and staff. They have also installed new drum-sized dust-bins which are strategically placed across locations. They also distribute utility items like books, schools bags, t-shirts, etc. with the branding of ‘Clean and Green Udvada’ to spread as much awareness as possible. The residents of Udvada village have responded well to the initiative, with support coming in from the Gram Panchayat, school children and villagers.

“We are looking for sponsors for our waste management project for Udvada, similar to the Godrej Baug project, as currently, all the garbage is dumped into the sea, unfortunately. Waste management, education, and a shift in mindset is what will make this a true success. We are always on the lookout for committed volunteers,” shared Filly Bapuna with Parsi Times.

With adequate funding, CGU can continue place more garbage bins (wet and dry) along the roads for the ease of the community to put garbage where it belongs. Its next drive will be in February where Team CGU plans to tackle the litter on the Udvada beach.

All past, current and forthcoming events can be viewed on the website: www.cgudvada.org or on the Facebook page: facebook.com/cleangreenudvada. All donation queries – non-monetary as well as monetary – can be emailed at: info@cgudvada.org or Call at: (+91 89801 81918).

‘Clean and Green Udvada’ is a Public Charitable Trust without any current financial support from the Government (working towards getting the 80G tax benefits). It appeals for donations from all who resonate with this noble cause.

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