Let Us Be The Harbingers Of Good Will To All

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Let not my faith in human nature be ever shaken, even when man falters and fails. My faith in human nature strengthens my faith in Thee. I see Thy image, Creator of mine, in myself, but so is it in my neighbor, also. Thou art enthroned in every human heart. Let us then, meet one another with goodwill and with the mutual belief that we greet Thee in all whom we approach and meet.

Selfishness, jealousy and mutual distrust hinder our unity. Help us to tear down the barriers that divide men from men, races from races and nations from nations. Let us bear one another’s burdens. All men and all women are drops of water drawn from the one and the same sea of life. Let us strengthen the bond of unity between people and people. Let us love all, as we love ourselves.

All mankind is made of one blood. All are of one human family, united by the indissoluble bond of common humanity. Every man and every woman is brother and sister to every other man and every other woman, brothers and sisters all in the one human family. When hearts are united with hearts and souls are united with souls, whole mankind will be one heart and one soul in Thee, the Father of all. Teach us, O Thou loved by all, to love all mankind as Thou dost love all Thy children. Let us live unto Thee and let us live for Thee and let us live for all Thine.

Let everyone’s heart go out to the heart of everyone else. Let everyone give himself to everyone else. Let the ideal of cooperative life grow day by day. Let it not stop at community and nation. Help it, Ahura Mazda, to grow to the supreme ideal of one common humanity, one universal Brotherhood.

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