Know Your Candidate: Vote For Adil D Irani

I, Adil Dinshaw Irani, am standing for Bombay Parsi Panchayat Trustees Election to be held on March 14, 2021. I’m a result-oriented man who will work for the welfare and betterment of our Zoroastrian community. I’m a member of numerous Parsi institutions including Parsi Gymkhana, WZCC, WZO, and WAPIZ. I’d secured maximum votes at the Anjuman Committee Elections held in the year 1992. I served Air India for 32 years and freelance as a Financial Advisor attached with Life Insurance, Health Insurance, HDFC & various Company Deposits and Mutual funds.

Social Service: I help senior Parsis with banking, medical issues, investment portfolio and day to day support.

Trusteeship would give me a platform to:

  • Protect our Doongerwadi land and Dokhmenashin ritual as I’m devoted to our religious traditions.
  • Upliftment of Mobeds (Dasturjis) and their availability at Doongerwadi and Agiaries. Start Dharma gyan classes in all Colonies.
  • Protect sanctity of Udvada Iranshah and all Atashbehrams and Agiaries of Mumbai.
  • Work to arrest our declining population by preventing the exodus of young boys and girls marrying outside our community by setting up community marriage committee in baugs and colonies.Housing Allotment on Merit Rating Scheme – with top priority given to to-be-married couples. Will ensure leave and license agreements are converted into tenancy agreements.
  • Secure Minority Status for our community to provide greater employment opportunities to our youth.
  • Women Empowerment and Gender equality at workplace is my priority.

I will devote ample time through the week to attend to BPP affairs and visit every community settlement to resolve resident’s grievances. ALL Voters can count on me as a Candidate of Their Choice who has got the time, patience and dedication to attend and solve all your problems for the next 7 years.

For Queries/ Details, contact me: 9820319423

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