Parsi Times Turns Eleven

Over a decade ago it was felt that the community was getting only one-sided news, the news and views of the orthodox members of the community. An all-round, fair, ortho-liberal type of journalism was needed. Hence, Parsi Times was born. On 30th April, 2011 (Mah Adar, Roj Daepmeher), Parsi residents woke up to the ‘Truth-Delivered’ at their doorstep, a refreshing accompaniment to their morning cuppa.

From the very offset Parsi Times was a hit. And why not! There was something for every Zarthosti. Surprisingly, many non-Parsi brethren also enjoy this weekly now. The editor’s comments are to the point, current in nature and interesting in excellent English. PT has some of the most erudite religious scholars writing on Zoroastrianism, explaining the ancient philosophy faith lucidly and its relevance in the modern times.

PT gave us ‘A Brief Glimpse at Iranian Myths and History’, right from the Peshdadian dynasty upto the Sassanian dynasty; Parsis’ fondness for pets, especially the canine variety finds its way into ‘Pet Puja’; Baug Affairs; Movie reviews; recipes by well-known chefs; Financial and Wealth Management; Health and Wellness; Haircare…. aapru Parsi Times makes it their concern and brings you advice from some of the top experts in their respective fields.

Your Que sera sera, too is not forgotten. There is a horoscope for those who believe in it and those who read it for fun, there is something absurd, something reminiscent, something for old and wise or something for the young and free. There is a fun page with cartoons and puzzles. There is a Gujarati section too. What more can one want? All through the Covid pandemic PT stood strong and solid – continuing to provide our community all the news in its digital avatar – which has now become a global hit! One can safely assume that PT’s popularity is inversely proportionate to the size of the community!

Yours sincerely is proud to be the oldest writer, having first written in June 2011. Mme. Editor is still gracious, rather tolerant of my ramblings with the only caveat, “Bawa tukku karo, tukku!” And so I’ll make it short and sugary, like those snow-white balls, the luscious ‘Khaman-na-larva’, the most appropriate sweet-dish for PT’s ‘vaarovaar’ or anniversary. Happy Birthday, Parsi Times. You’ve come a long way and you have a long, long way to go!

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