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Don’t Miss ZTFI’s Annual Fest 2022


Dear Readers,

One of the most wonderful aspects of belonging to a community is that it enables us to help people in a way that we couldn’t, as individuals. It is said that the most accurate measure of a community’s greatness lies in the acts of compassion carried out in support of its less privileged. Insomuch, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI) ranks amongst the highest charitable institutions of our community.

Headed by the dynamic Yasmin Mistry, alongside a group of visionary Trustees and a team of dedicated staff members and volunteers, ZTFI – which celebrates its annual day today, is reckoned as a platform where like-minded people come together to take on the various responsibilities of our community, especially helping those in deep distress to find solace, self-confidence and inner healing, via its various charitable ventures.

Dedicated to uplifting the plight of the less fortunate, ZTFI’s comprehensive and diverse altruistic activities have played a huge role in helping sustain the livelihood and care-taking of thousands of poor community members. It’s thirteen-year-long journey serves as a constant and humble redeemer for such community members, bringing succour and smiles to the face of all – the young and the old, with their multiple programs including the monthly Feed-a-Family Program; Medical Aid; Monthly Monetary Scheme; Educational Aid; Senior Citizens Support, Matrimonial and Youth Programs.

And now, you could also contribute and do your good bit, by participating in today’s ZTFI’s Annual Fest, which will start with the noble deed of getting Navjote ceremonies performed for underprivileged Zoroastrian children, followed by an evening celebrating culture (Gara competition) and lots of fun with a live band, lucky raffle and to top it off – dinner by the Catering Queen – Tanaz Godiwala. (Details on Pg. 1)

They say, there’s no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping lift someone up. I say, here’s your chance to do just that! And have loads of fun alongside! Don’t miss it!!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita


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