Meherbai’s Mandli Celebrates Father’s Day

Meherbai and her Mandli organised a party for their better-halves to celebrate Father’s Day. The hubbies didn’t mind because they knew that anytime is party-time for this Mandli. The only question asked by the men (fathers!) was “Chhato-Panni hosey key?” The wives chorused, “Haas-to-vari! Party maa Chhato-Pani nai to soo, nahvanoo pani avey?” And so, days before the party, the […]

The Power Of Prayers

The power of prayers transcends all other cosmic energies. It is a hotline to God since praying is a direct approach to the creative force, which melts seamlessly into the universal power of love. Prayer goes to the primordial source of all energy. Asking for material goodies like money, name, fame and success is not […]

Maa Tujhey Salaam!

In all religions, the female deity is referred to as ‘Mother’. Even as early as the Middle Ages in Europe, the female worship cult was prevalent and one of the names which counts is ‘Mother Julian’ of Norwich. Her spiritual testament, the book ‘Revelations’ describes her spiritual visions, teachings which are like the Durga-mata of […]

Meherbai’s Mann Ki Baat

Everyday, Meherbai and Merwanji relaxed in the mornings with hot cups of tea after an hour-long walk, followed by meditation on their Colony’s garden bench, soaking in the early morning pranik shakti, the pure energies of trees, flowers, grass and enjoying their daily bites of nature. Today was no different except that Meherbai went up […]

Happy Birthday PT

Today, Parsi Times steps into its seventh year of publication. Staring in a small way under its previous editor, Freyan Bhathena, the Weekly has become extremely popular under the present editor, Anahita Subedar. With meaningful editorials and a team of versatile writers, Parsi Times affords the most interesting reading for the community Saturday after Saturday: […]

Meherbai’s Aphoos – Party Goes Phoos!!

As readers already know, Meherbai and her Mandli of ‘girls’ (all over 70) were a Khanar-Peenar (eating-drinking) bunch who believed in enjoying life to the hilt. They all agreed that in a nation immune to scams, dirty-politics, rapes, poverty, lawlessness, the arrogance of politicians, Bans, demonetization and absconders, a mango-party is God-sent! Meherbai ordered 10 boxes […]