Celebrate Divine Order

Sunday, 17th September, 2023, will be observed as the Parab of Ardibehesht. Ardibehesht – the second month of the Zoroastrian calendar – celebrates Divine Truth, Righteous or Divine Order and Healing. Ardibehesht is an Amshaspand (Archangel) or Amesha Spenta (Bounteous Immortal) that presides over the energy of fire. Adar Yazad is a Hamkara or helper of Ardibehesht. This is why many fire temples were consecrated in this […]

BPA Organises Pilgrimage

Bandra Parsee Association (BPA) organized a pilgrimage to the four Atash Behram’s in Mumbai for its members on 26th November, 2017. With a special bus arranged for the occasion, the members left for their first destination to Banaji Atash Behram – Charni Road at 8:00 am. After spending good time offering prayers, the next destination was Dadysett […]

BPP Connect

On the 23rd of this month our Board will complete two years in office, a journey that has been as memorable as it has been gratifying. I can honestly say that I feel that we have achieved more in the last two years than what we achieved in the seven years of the last Board. […]