The Covid Pandemic And Its Aftermath: The Long Road Towards Rehabilitation

The world over, people are presently wrestling with the unprecedented implications of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. It is a human crisis unlike any experienced earlier.  By way of providing immediate relief during the pandemic, we – The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust and The WZO Trust Funds – have played a reasonably proactive role by supporting from […]

APPEAL – A Masina Hospital Initiative

Need Of The Hour: Supporting And Facilitating The Medical Fraternity  In Facing The Challenges Posed By COVID-19 (A Masina Hospital Initiative) Humanity is presently fighting a fierce battle to defeat the contagion of the dreaded Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). WZO Trust Funds have, in their own modest manner, assisted by supporting Masina Hospital (Byculla, Mumbai), in […]

‘Restore & Beautify Doongerwadi Community Project’
Doongerwadi Needs Your Support!

Our Community’s most holy, over 300-year-old, Doongerwadi in Mumbai, is in Urgent Need of Renovation and Green Cover Restoration. Immediate Repairs are needed for the Maintenance and upkeep of our Dokhmas; Bunglies; Road Repairs and for the restoration of the Green Cover/Forest area which provides the sense of calm and healing for all. The BPP, […]

Naomi Irani Moves Supreme Court For PMDA Amendment

Parsi woman, Naomi Sam Irani moved the Supreme Court questioning the validity of many provisions of Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act (PMDA), stating that the procedure under the 1938 Personal Law was “exasperatingly cumbersome, involving a system akin to jury decision, and granted no access to mediation and settlement.” She has alleged that these long drawn and outdated […]