Social Initiatives By ZDO

The Zoroastrian Dentist Organization (ZDO) recently conducted a one-day dental camp at Navsari, providing free treatment, including dental implants, to needy Zoroastrians on 28th January, 2018. ZDO also organized a full day Continuing Dental Education (CDE) seminar at the Taj Mahal Hotel with over forty-five Zoroastrian dentists in attendance. The program commenced with a minute […]

Your Smile And You – Part-I

A beautiful, perfect, attractive smile is something everyone aspires to have since the time fairy-tales were woven into our lives! Ancient Egyptian mummies and Etruscan excavations have been found to have wires woven between teeth, and varied types of tooth jewels placed for the effect of increasing the individual’s attractiveness. There are various aspects of […]