‘My English Pocket Book of Nirangs’

Readers will be pleased to know about the availability of ‘My English Pocket Book of Nirangs’ – or short Zoroastrian prayers – by Er. Rustom Noshirwan Panthaki, the ex-Principal, Dadar Athornan Madressa. Nirangs are short but powerful prayers that can be recited to invoke divine blessings and help for numerous reasons including spiritual protection; inner […]

Varzavand Dadachanji Ordained Navar

(Er.) Varzavand Hormuz Asphandiar Dadachanji completed his sampoorna Navar prayers from the Dadar Athornan Institute and was ordained Navar on May 21, 2019, at the Vatchagandhy Agiyary. Varzavand was ordained by his grandfather, Er. Asphandiar Dadachanji and Mama Er. Darayus Bajan. The ceremony took place under the leadership of Dasturji Dr. Firoze Meherji Kotwal. Varzavand […]

Er. Kaikhushru Cowasji Ravji Annointed As 18th Meherjirana Gaadi Heir

In keeping with tradition, the successor to the Meherjirana Gaadi was announced after the Uthamna of Vada Dasturji Kaikhashru Navroji Dasturji, 17th Meherjirana. 74-year-old Er. Kaikhushru Cowasji Ravji, a Yozdathregar Mobed, was anointed as the 18th heir to the Meherjirana Gaadi (priestly seat) by the Bhagarsath Anjuman of Navsari. Sharing more information about him, Er. […]

‘Parsi Dhamaka’ Steals The Show At ‘Sanskruti Arts Festival’

Er. Cyrus Dastoor of Frohar Film, recently participated in the ‘Sanskruti Arts Festival’, held near Upvan Lake, Thane, with a variety entertainment program, ‘Parsi Dhamaka’, under the auspicious of Universal Theatres, on 13th January, 2019. The program comprised various facets of Parsi community, including the display of beautiful Gara saris and jhablas, the Navjote ceremony, […]