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We dedicate a large part of our lives to food. Food is one of the most interesting elements of our lifestyle, on a personal and professional level. However, it stands to be true, that the one time when the importance of having food which suits you and encourages positive health, is when you are not in good health.

Just as everything around us has energy in it, so does the food you cook. I often give Reiki energy to the food that I cook. I give Reiki to the raw ingredients or to the final prepared dish. I have observed that every time that I have energized my food, people have enjoyed and eaten more of it. What was the secret ingredient? An extra dose of pure energy!

When food is cooked with love, with interest, with a desire to share or for the sheer joy of it, it will contain the energy of love, joy, happiness, satiety and contentment. It will tend to make the simplest of foods wholesome and delicious. There would be minimal or no signs of any stomach issues because of the food. However, food cooked in a not so positive environment or frame of mind will reflect that. The emotional or mental state that the person cooking the food is in, translates into food with less than optimal energy. Sometimes we eat in the best restaurants and still find it dissatisfying. You will still be left with a feeling of emptiness or nothingness.

So often we love the food our mother or someone who looks after us cooks. It does not matter if the person is a good or exceptional cook. The extra sprinkle of love and caring energy will always make the food taste better. Energy that is positive is felt in everything that you do. Village food tastes very good though it is simple. There are many reasons for that. Cleaner air, fresher produce but also the love and the efforts that go into serving each meal to the guest. When the hands are at work, they transmit energy to the food. So how do we reinforce positivity into the food we eat?

Try this:

Take greater notice of what you eat. When you cook/eat at home, be conscious of what you are cooking and very consciously feel your hands transmitting positive energy to everything that you touch and cook. You can tell yourself, “I am giving positive energy to my food.”

If you are outside and you are eating food that is not cooked by you, just visualize the food in front of you filled with positive energy, light, healthy and fulfilling. It will tend to minimise the aftermath of any issues potentially caused by disagreeable foodstuffs.

We often get carried away and eat stuff that is not suitable for us. If we have to, why not try to minimise the damage it could do to us? Enjoy good food. But more than that why not enjoy food with good energy?

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