The Parsi ‘On-Lyne’ Ready Reckoner

As our population statistics continue to show a decline, there is a need, now more than ever, to stay connected with each other and with our roots. We commend the efforts of Yazdi Tantra – our community’s leading IT authority as well as the Founder and Director of ‘On-Lyne Comtech India Pvt. Ltd’ – for providing the community numerous digital options, in the form of websites and apps, which facilitate staying connected as well as keep us updated about the latest important ongoings within the community. PT Special Correspondent Delaveen Tarapore details a compilation of Tantra’s helpful and informative websites that ease the searching process for innumerable Parsi related aspects, at the go of a button!

YT1) Zoroastrians.Net: Can be defined as a holistic ‘Resource Base’ for any Parsi! Categories offered include food, Parsi galleries, matrimony, job vacancies, navjote ceremonies, prayers, future dates and months in all three Zoroastrian calendars and more. Check out the website:

2) The Parsi Directory: Provides structured and tabulated comprehensive information, to facilitate quicker, more accurate and systematic search. It helps identify and locate individuals settled abroad; offers professional services in various fields; and most importantly is your best tool to reach out for help to other Parsis in unknown lands. Just register yourself after logging in at the website: You can also download the app now – ‘TheParsiDirectory’ App.

3) Parsi Institutions: If you wish to avail of a scholarship but need assistance in figuring out the details as regards where and how to apply, log on to the website page: which will prove to be your one-stop-destination for all useful details regarding institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals, agiaries, anjumans, infirmaries, clubs and gymkhanas across the globe!

4) Find A Missing Parsi: A more narrowed and focused version of the Parsi Directory, log on to to search for a particular person using his/her name, surname, profession, school, location or family details. If your search is unsuccessful, you can avail the facility of leaving a query in the comments section, which is frequented by a number of fellow Parsi users and could help end your search. This link has a sweet history of helping people connect with fellow brothers/ sisters in times of duress.

5) The Parsi Family Tree: It’s not surprising when every second Parsi turns out to be a far-off relative! Enabling you to establish the right chain to trace how the two are related, log on to, fill in the basic details of you and your close family members and voila! Your family tree is ready, with added new members who you didn’t even know were related to you!

6) Uthamna SMS and Whatsapp: If serving the community with a digital encyclopaedia through five different websites wasn’t enough, Yazdi has a comprehensive database of mobile numbers to whom he daily despatches details of Uthamnas that take place, pan-India and globally. Currently, the Uthamna SMS reaches 4,500 community members daily and this opus is only growing. To subscribe to the Uthamna messages, simply give a missed call on (+91 22) 61816369. For availing the same on Whatsapp, add (+91) 9892219340!
Says Yazdi Tantra, “This is a concerted effort for our new-age Parsis, who increasingly rely on gizmos to get around. I wanted to provide both – convenience to the community when it comes to searching anything related to Parsis, as well as an effective platform that brings together Parsis from all walks of life – geography notwithstanding. I wish all the Parsi Times readers Saal Mubarak – may you all have a year filled with happiness and progress.”

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