Letters To The Editor

A Heartfelt Appeal – Voice Of The Community

Dear Editor,

I write this appeal as a well-meaning friend to all, and with malice to none, in an attempt to bring an end to the stalemate in the BPP which is affecting the working of the institution and the welfare of the community. One can understand differences of opinion, priorities and perspectives, but when these are not resolved through discussion and dialogue, they can lead to acrimony and even physical violence, as has happened in the recent past. It is therefore imperative that all parties, factions, and groups, with immediate effect, cease and desist from enhancing or escalating any provocation of one another and instead of challenging and contesting each other on the various contentious issues, adopt a conciliatory and conceding approach. History has proven that litigation is not only expensive but also results in loss of precious time, especially with the numerous appeals which are a foregone conclusion. Very often, ultimately either on the directives of the courts, or changing political equations or both, all parties have to come to the negotiating table. In the larger interest of the community would it not be prudent to sink the differences now or at least narrow them down and move forward? Time is too short and you will be remembered only for the legacy you leave behind!

Phiroze Amroliwalla

Get Yourself A Comic Break!

Dear Editor,
US Bawas are comical characters in our own accord, so when ‘Comic Conventions’ happen, we just have to be there! Parsis usually have a grand collection of old comic books that we pass on generation to generation. Yes, we share a deep-set love for comics. That is why when a Comic convention visits us, we must not pass of the change to experience it! It’s all about comic books, related movies (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and what not!); Games (XBox, PS, PC, VR, you name it! And, there’s a section for kids and grownups ‘COSPLAY’ – where people make their own favorite Superhero costumes. All this is in addition to hoards of freebees to take home!

I’ve visited this fabulous convention earlier and to me, it’s the ultimate celebration of pop culture. For those who read Batman and Spiderman or even Twinkle or ChaCha Chaudhry, you should be there just to check out how the Indian Comic Industry has evolved from ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ to ‘Holy Cow’ and ‘Campfire’!

Have a dekho today on 22nd and 23rd at Hall No.5 Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO, Goregaon. If nothing else, the new artwork will be a refreshing inspiration and put behind all the Parsi-Punchayet-Panchaat and the Indo-Pak politics behind!
Ruzbeh Umrigar

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