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Congrats To The New BPP Board

Greetings to new BPP Board for completing one year so successfully! As my late mother used to say –“vakhat toe panina rela ni maafak vahe chhe!” Here’s wishing the team more power and success. I love reading PT! My special favourites are Noshir Dadrawala, Dara Khodaiji and Ruby Lilaowala.

Nergish Dordi


Black Money & Blood Connection (Probably)

While travelling in local train, I heard this conversation between father and son, both Parsis. Father, an Indian national, and son, settled abroad, doing very well, owning a car, bungalow, etc. The father with train tickets in hand said to his son, “I have worked for 35 years honestly in very high positions, paying taxes and still I could not afford to keep a car or buy a house, just because I did not make black money.”

Then the son said to his father, “Daddy if you would have done that, I would have done the same thing.”

Then there is also old saying in us, “Baap jeva beta ne wad jeva teta”. Meaning “ae to lohi ma utare.”

If this is true (most probably), then any number of note bans will not change anything. Wish glory to India!

Savak Balsara

Reader’s Delight – Ruby!

Ruby is invariably very good with her articles on a number of subjects like philosophy, religion and general matters. But her Parsi earthy humour has no peers! She is simply the best! More power to her pen!

Rukshana Ghadialy

Happy Anniversary Trustee Sahebs

May I wish the Board of the trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayat a very Happy Anniversary on completing a year in the office that they inherited in a shambles due to frictions, fractions and foibles, leading to  a free-for-all fracas. After those eight years that I would call a “non-term”, it was a situation in which no one would have wanted to jump without some inhibition or reservation. Chairman Desai, Randeria, Bhathena and Dadrawalla jumped in the fray and were able to clean up the Augean Stables, at the same time undo the Gordian knot and establish order and stability in spite of certain a faction trying to bung spanners in their machinery.

It is rather unfortunate that in recent years the boardroom of the BPP has been plagued by party politics. We elect trustees for their individual zeal to serve, for their expertise in various fields of human endeavor, and above all, a quality of heart that feels for the needy and the indigent members of our community, like our erstwhile trustee Arnavaz Mistry. She did not allow her mind to go click-click-click to weigh the pros and cons when someone in need appealed to her for succor. She would act immediately to alleviate the misery of the person. This quality endeared Aapri Arnavaz to the community.

Each individual trustee has a lot to give by way of their experience and wisdom, which when tempered with love and kindness, blesses him who gives and him who receives!

Dara Khodaiji

Decide We Must Right Now

As we all know, we are on the road to self-destruction. It is not that we are not aware…  But when will we act upon it? It is a now or never situation…
On the Indian shores around 1,300 years ago, we did land.
Then made we our fortune, our name, on this very land.
Things suddenly have now changed; slipping from our hands, is the sand.
The sand of time, perhaps has decided to turn us into mud and sand.
Our behavior patterns are leading us soon, to self- destruction, to perish.
Hoping wanely that people cherish our name, even after we perish.
But think, is this idea really good? Why then this self -annihilation?
Are we really so dumb; don’t we understand that wrong is the road to self -annihilation.
So folks, decide we must right now; do we wish to hang out, on this Earth.
Or just leave behind time -capsules and some monuments in memory, on this Earth.

Afried Dastur

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