Letters To The Editor

Thanks Noshir Dadrawala!

Your issue dated, March 11, carries a beautiful article on Holi written by Noshir Dadrawala. He compares the triumph of good over evil with fire playing a central role to our Zoroastrian belief in similar vein. Very informative as well as interesting. Thanks Noshir.

Nergish Dordi (Ness Baug)


All Is Not Lost There Is Still Hope

As it was a three-day weekend last week, and with the start of Adar month and Hormaz Roj, what better day to plan a trip to Udvada! My purpose of writing this to you is share my thoughts with all who love to drive down to Udvada. Firstly the highway has 6 lanes (3 lanes each way) but our motorists love to only concur the inner lane which is supposed to be for fast moving vehicles and not for trucks and trailers. However, no one, including me wants to break the speed momentum and manages to drive zig-zag. This reminds me of the snakes-and-ladders game, only here, the difference was that in my game, you have to grab the tail of the snake to overtake other vehicles from the left hand side or from the outermost lane to win!

After reaching Udvada, I observed that most of the time in the Iranshah Atashbehram, there were mainly senior citizen and only a handful of youth of the community. This disappointed me a little as it made me wonder if we are on the right lane for our community’s future. But then, on the next day I was happy to see a Navar ceremony and 2 young boys initiated to become Navars at our Iranshah Atashbehram. This made me happy and I felt that all is not lost, there is still hope! All that is required is the effort to move ahead.

Jehangir Daruvalla

(Nowroz Baug – jehangird88@gmail.com)



Your Editorials

I wait for your editorials every weekend, as I look beyond and try to connect. You have managed to connect many religious perspectives, but forgotten our Pak Adar Mahino which also has started, and the fact that for purification of our thoughts and body, we must all visit our holy fires and Agiaries.

I think you have a greater role which you need to work out by keeping our community together. I hope my letter reminds you of it. Best wishes for your 7th Anniversary, and looking forward to it!

Gev Dalal (gevdalal@gmail.com)



Community At Crossroads

We Are As Strong As We Are United, We Are As Weak As We Are Divided! It is a most welcome suggestion from Mr. Burjor Antia, a very staunch supporter of orthodoxy, to unite the two warring factions of the community. It is heartening to learn that the community is ready to keep their differences aside and support Mr. Antia on the principle of “live and let live”.  If implemented, it will no doubt open a new chapter of peace and friendship for the community. If we learn to be a little more courteous, and polite and treat our adversaries with respect, there will be peace in the community. If the orthodox are to be blamed for rigidity, the reformists are to be blamed for their arrogance. If we sit together as friends, exchange our views we can solve our issues amicably.

When we are on a path of progress and in pursuit of truth, our vision gets cleared, we learn many new things and discard some old, that is the way we reform. At the same time, we should never compromise on our principles for personal gains or to acquire power or political mileage. That is our tradition.

Piroja Jokhi (piroja.jokhi@yahoo.com)

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