BBPL4 A Grand Success!

Behram Baug held its 4th Box Cricket Tournament, ‘Behram Baug Premier League (BBPL)’ on 20th and 21st May, 2017, organized by Karl Siganporia, Zrvan Elavia, Shanaya Udwadia, Anahita Siganporia, Arish Siganporia, Yazad Wadia, Hanosh Panthaki and Shazmaan Kulwachwalla. After a grand auction which was held prior to the event, 13 mixed teams played under floodlights. The event’s highlight was the senior citizens team (age group 69-72 years) which performed brilliantly over two days, including league stage matches, followed by quarter finals, semi-finals and the finals, on 21st May, 2017.

The 4 teams that entered the semi-finals were Phoenix Pink, Glow-bal Warning Fluroscent, Maroon 7 and 7 shades of Grey. The final face-off was between ‘Glow-bal Warning Fluroscent’ (GWF) V/s ‘Maroon 7’. The latter scored 28 runs in the finals losing 6 wickets, while rivals GWF, comprising Farhad Zaiwalla, Zoraius Kamdin, Zeus Kadodwalla, Firdaus Fitter, Zubin Zack, Arnaz Doctor, Farzana Motafaram and team owner, Rusi Doctor cruised to victory, scoring 29 runs. The post-match presentation ceremony was conducted by Jeroo Ichhaporia, who thanked the sponsors, especially Soli Kodia for helping with ground-maintenance and making the pitch for the tournament. The awards were presented by Chief Guest, Cricketer Balwinder Singh Sandhu (Jr.) and Guests of Honour, BPP Chairman and wife, Yazdi and Anahita Desai. The Best Player in the male and female category were awarded a special cash prize donated by Rusi Doctor. Yazdi Desai also announced a big reward for female players, in the name of Diana Edulji, ex-captain of the Indian Women’s cricket team, which was awarded to Niloufer Pagdiwala, this year.  Other awards given included ‘Best Veteran’ to Dara Saher; ‘Best Upcoming Player Female’ to Kaira Ichhaporia; ‘Best Upcoming Player Male’ to Xerxes Jogina; ‘Best Player Male’ to Farhad Zaiwalla; ‘Purple Cap Winner’ to Daraius Khodaiji; and ‘Orange Cap Winner’ to Zoraius Kamdin

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