Sodawaterwalla Agiary Celebrates 144th Salgreh

The 144th Salgreh of Pak Atash Padshah Saheb at Sodawaterwalla Agiary, Marine Lines was celebrated on 4th September, 2017, Farvardin Mahino, Farvardin Roj, with a jasan performed by Er. Pervez Karanjia and his son Er. Adil Karanjia. Trustees, Dinshaw Variava and Aspi Sarkari graced the occasion, while Panthaki of the Agiary, Er. Pervez Karanjia credits the increase in the attendees each year to the fervent faith of the devotees in Pak Atash Padshah Saheb and our Mazdayasni Zarthoshti prayers.

Er. Karanjia elucidated how the souls of our departed loved ones join in to bestow their divine blessings. Addressing the gathering, he said, “On this day, we should pray either the Farvardin Yasht, or the Ahunavad Gatha, or the Satum Kardo on this day, either at home or in a fire temple, or at the Doongerwadi. These prayers can be recited in the Havan Rapithwan and Uzerin Gehs. The vital point is that any of the above prayers should be prayed on the Farvardiyan to invoke the blessings of our departed souls.”

The Agiary derives its name from the owner of the premises, Jeejeebhoy Dadabhai Amaria, whose business was selling aerated water, hence the name ‘Sodawaterwalla Agiary’. Er. Karanjia who has been a priest since 43 years and the Panthaky since17 years, informs us that the Dadgah and Adarian were consecrated in 1874 and 1884, respectively.

Er. Karanjia spoke of the importance of the jasan ritual and recommended that it is most beneficial for each Zoroastrian to have two Jasans performed each year, one to venerate Asfandarmad Ameshaspand and the other as a thanksgiving Jasan to Ahura Mazda. He encouraged the crowd to live as true Zarthostis, always in unity and without malice towards anyone and concluded by distributing chasni.

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