Taichi Therapy For Emotional Distress

Tai Chi Master, Healer and Reiki expert, Kashmira Shaw shares informative and inspirational knowledge about how ‘Taichi’ can be constructively used to cure emotional turmoil and bring stability in life.


When things on the personal front do not go as planned, it leads to stress and anxiety. Good relationships make us feel good perhaps due to an increase in dopamine levels, bringing about a sense of excitement and happiness. Things seem great and everything looks beautiful, there’s a buzz to life! But days that pan out below expectations leave you feeling apprehensive and depressed.

Letting go, moving on, starting afresh and trying to forget people you once cared deeply about, can become a herculean task. Some just give up whilst others try their best to simply stay afloat. Trying to imbue a sense of calmness and purpose within helps one move through these trying times. But it is easier said than done. It is slow and involves introspection.

Taichi improves health at physical, mental and physiological levels. The exercises combine breathing and energy work. When one is focused on breathing, and qi (energy) harnessing and cultivation, it brings about positive change within our internal space. Initially one may start with mere moves, but the beauty of this art is that in a short while energy harnessing begins almost effortlessly. As corrections in alignment and balance slowly start taking place, thought processes also take a turn for the better. We have seen students who dedicatedly and diligently pursued Taichi, change their entire way of thinking and their attitude towards life itself. They have understood the true meaning of the principle, ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’.

Some resort to medication to deal with emotional distress. Sleeping pills are of limited value and can be addictive and dangerous. However, those with sleep issues or suffering from disturbed sleep patterns would be in a position to help themselves with certain Taichi exercises. Taichi is neither quick fix nor magic. What it is, is an amazing way to heal your body, mind and soul and cleanse energy blockages.

Some are not able to think clearly as they are not able to let the past go. They live in a time warp where they relive instances from the past over and over. Even whilst practicing Taichi they may relive those moments. After a while though, the energy will take over and there will be a time when the focus on Taichi will supersede other thoughts once the person surrenders to the qi.

However, this can only stem from acceptance and surrender. Often we live in denial and within our shells. As one proceeds with Taichi inner strength increases. People ‘wake up’ and start seeing things the way they really are.  It helps one snap out of the ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ state too. Like it or not, the only way to move forward is to keep walking. Taichi will assist in putting that best foot forward. But be honest with yourself. And diligent in practice.

Every time, you experience emotional distress or separation anxiety, the following Qigong points can help you calm down and make you feel better.


Qigong Point 1

  • Hold the left hand up in front of the heart, palm facing downwards. With the right index finger follow the left index finger from tip to base leading to the webbing of the hand. The point will be deep in the center of the ‘V’ (webbing) between the index finger and thumb.
  • With your right index finger and thumb pulse this point for one and half minute.
  • Breathe in whilst applying pressure and breathe out whilst releasing pressure. Do this for one and half minute.
  • Interchange hands and do the same thing on the other side.
  • Repeat entire exercise twice a day.

Qigong Point 2

  • Take your middle finger and lightly massage the center point between the eyebrows for one and half minute. Do this clockwise and then anti-clockwise.
  • Apply gentle pressure whilst inhaling and then pressure whilst exhaling. Repeat this twice a day.
  • Please note that during the entire exercise, do not leave digital contact with the point between the eye brows.


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