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Dear Readers,

A couple of years ago, in 2016, two hopeful teenagers approached Parsi Times, hoping to discuss a new idea about a Community event that had never really organised before in the said format. To make it a success, they would have to ensure that our Community knew of such an event. Knowing how Parsi Times was quickly becoming the most popular weekly of the Community and was extremely approachable and supportive, especially towards encouraging the youth of our Community, Zara and Anahita, two of the three main organisers, (the third being Jeyhaan), met with me to discuss the event. It sounded like a good idea – it would call for a lot of effort – but the dynamism and excited fervour of these two, more than convinced me that they were on to something big. They decided to name their event ‘WINGS’ – because they wanted to give ‘wings’ to all our talented Community folk and see them soar high!

They needed all the support they could garner and of course, Parsi Times, swung into action and ensured that virtually every Parsi household knew of the new event and the trio who were about to wow the Community. And wow they did, one and all, with their very first chapter of ‘WINGS’ in 2016! They returned in 2017, with PT again as the Media Partner, to further up the ante, and their second act confirmed that WINGS had indeed become the numero uno event of the Community, gaining the reputation of being the Community’s premier Sports and Cultural Festival! They’re back this year with WINGS18 and PT, more than a Media Partner, feels like a proud ‘Media Parent’ to see the fledgling take flight, as the event grows bigger and better, with each passing year! Don’t miss out on all the action, excitement and thrills unleashed this month by WINGS18 at the grand venue, Rustom Baug, over the 4-Day extravaganza, starting 8th November, 2018. (Details on Pg.10 )

And Happy Diwali to all! May the ‘Festival of Lights’ refrain from becoming the ‘Festival of Sound and Pollution’ this year, and shine its glorious positivity and cheer into adding that extra dazzle in the festive season!

Have a great weekend!


– Anahita

Anahita Subedar

Editor at Parsi Times

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