Married To Motorcycles!

The only thing that makes a Bawa happier than his two-wheeler, is tending to it! What is it about our motorcycles that even the very thought of these brings out an instant smile to our faces? And the moment we get on our bikes, even before we get the engine started, we’ve already been transported to our ‘happy’ place! Motorcycle connoisseur, and yet another bawa romantic, hopelessly in love with his bikes, Kerfegar Eduljee, attempts demystifying the unconditional and undying passion we have for our motorcycles…

2019 marks three decades of my riding a motorcycle. This is one passion which doesn’t need any fanning for the fires to keep going, as the ambers burn ever so bright! For thirty exciting years, I’ve had the opportunity to encounter concurring (and sometimes, crazier!) enthusiasts, many of whom are, needless to guess – Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians. Like-minded Bawajis will instantly understand where I’m coming from.

So, why do two-wheelers make us Bawas tick? Why are we so madly, deeply, passionately and crazily in love with our machines? Why does our bodily barometer rise when someone but even leans or sits on our steeds? Well, if you’re looking for an answer, you’re not going get one from me. It’s best to seek them from your similarly smitten family member or any other friendly neighbourhood Bawajis!

Since the advent of motorcycles, four generations have, till date, been witness to seeing our neighbourhood Parsi uncle polish and shine his beloved on Sunday mornings. A chore, which to him, is anything but that. In fact, truth be said, that’s probably the real reason he even looks forward to weekends!

A lot of our brethren are dedicatedly into the restoration of classic motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and cars. Every so often, a less-loved or left-to-rot kind of vehicle is bought and lovingly restored to its functioning glory. There’s nothing more satisfying for an enthusiast to Restore-and-Ride. Guess it’s our Parsi gene which nurtures the desire to create. And when the output of such dedication and creativity is spruced with speed, the result can be nothing lesser than unbridled happiness!!

But, speaking about satisfaction, it’s not always about the machine, the road and the rider. Happiness is not just about riding a motorcycle, it’s also about maintaining it mechanically and cosmetically. It’s a proven fact that washing and polishing one’s vehicle – beyond rewarding you with a great sense of satisfaction – is also therapeutic for the mind. Like cooking or music is to some… to the Bawas, it’s our time out – when we connect with our ‘Bawa within’ via this leisurely activity that fills us with pleasure and recharges us to go out there and face the world again!

You must have seen it for yourself – Bawajis are at their nirvanic best when dabbling with their two-wheeled darlings. Riding a motorcycle puts the mind at ease, one’s shoulders droop in relaxation, as you gently caress the fuel tank with your knees. Such is the posture, that it connects you, by default, to the machine. Riding is like a ballet of sorts… one that is infused with a sense of thrill and adventure, while demanding a higher sense of balance, judgement and control. It has been rightly said – motorcycling is an art as well as a craft, and no amount of explanation can take the place of experience!

And before I bid adieu, I leave you with an adage that you must inculcate as integrally as your love for your bikes – ‘never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly’.

Here’s wishing all a happy and prosperous Jamshedi Navroz!

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