Cusrow Baug Holds Super ‘Sports Day’

On April 13, 2019, the Cusrow Baug United Sports and Welfare League (CBUSWL), held its biggest sporting annual event, the ‘CB Sports Day’ at the Cusrow Baug grounds. Known to draw a large number of residents to partake the fun and cheer, the event drew participation from individuals across generations – with the youngest being just 11 months and the senior-most participant being 87 years! The total count of participants was over a whopping two hundred in number!

Residents participated with fervour and competitiveness. Special fun and endearing races for children Under-2 and Under-5, brought in generations of family members looking on with pride and glee, as the apples-of-their-eye stole the show! Other events, like the Three-Generation-Race, Happily-Married-Race and Tug-of-war witnessed a large turn-out, accompanied with great applause and cheer.

Special thanks was extended to event sponsors – Hotel Ashishwangh, Theobroma, Love, Sugar & Dough, Qiddo, Homenet, Pearl Miller, Rohinton Katrak as well as Maharukh and Aspi Daruwala, during the prize distribution ceremony. The exciting eve concluded with dinner.

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