From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

A Time To Reflect And Resurrect

Across all religions, real learning for the laity always lies in the symbolism of various events and narratives mentioned in our religious texts. The take-away from these needs to be insightful and deeper than that feel-good sense of security, or justice, that is the eventual consequence of every comeuppance and good-vanquishes-evil corollary.

In April, the 19th marks Good Friday – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and the 21st marks Easter – His resurrection… the going away followed by a renewed, transformed and evolved return. As Parsis, we blend in and partake of most festivals – maybe this time we could do more than indulge in just the Easter revelry with those delicious cinnamon buns, marzipan and Easter eggs. Maybe this time we could take a brief pause to respect Easter’s essence of Reflection and Resurrection.

Maybe, we could consider reflecting for a bit, to facilitate genuine introspection about issues that need our attention… be it about quite literally resurrecting our Community’s ailing hospital; or saving the community’s very existence from dying out due to an ever-dwindling population; or sorting our issues which hamper our unity. Only when we truly reflect or introspect with the right intent, will we return resurrected in mind and body, to do that which is right and needed for our community and our individual selves. They say Jesus died for the sins of mankind. Let our Community and our legendary institutions not die for ours.

Have a good weekend!


– Anahita

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