Fate Weaves Not The Web Of Events In Man’s Life

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla

Superstitious fatalism teaches that man is not a free agent who can shape the actions of his life. The movements of the stars regulate them. Inexorable and inevitable is fate. It holds universal sway. Nothing can alter what fate has set down. Immutable and irrevocable is the decree of fate. Everything happens as fate wills. Fate imposes its decree on man and man has to obey its commands. Fate raises man to fame and fate drags him down to shame. Man rises to eminence through fate and sinks into oblivion through fate. He prospers and triumphs whom fate befriends. None can escape his fate. What has been fated will take place. Vain are all effort and striving to defy the doings of fate, for fate is all-powerful.

Such superstitious belief in fate inculcates resignation in man to accept with folded hands whatever befalls his lot. It is paralyzing. It cripples man’s activities, blights his ardor, kills his ambition, cramps his progress and stifles his spirit. It breeds pessimism and cowardice in man. Life loses its meaning, if man cannot direct the deeds of his life independently and shape his destiny as he wills.

Thou, Ahura Mazda, hast endowed man with the freedom of will that man can be the maker of his fate. So teaches us Zarathushtra, Thy prophet. True to his teachings, I will be master of my destiny. I will not succumb to the superstitious regard for omens and portents and lucky and unlucky days. I will not invoke fate to cover my weakness and wrong. I will fight fate and let it not play me pranks.

Fate is nothing. My hard and honest work and strenuous effort is everything. Success and prosperity are all products of my own industry. I will not be disappointed and disheartened, when I fail at times in my endeavor to better my position in life. With iron determination will I dare and do my duty conscientiously. I will always have confidence in myself. I will believe in myself and rely on my own resources and have pride of independence. I will make the best of myself. I will be true to myself. I will be at ease with myself and others in life. I will not lack stability. I will be my own self. I will rely on my own self. I will not induce the powers to change the course of events. With my own labor will I gradually and tenaciously work up my way to name and fame. The stars and planets and the constellations do not decide my fate. I myself am the maker of my fate and master, under Thy guidance and protection, Ahura Mazda!

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