Dr. Cyres Mehta: RevolutionEYEzing Vision

Small as your eyes may be, they are, as the saying goes, the window to your soul. They are also your window to the world, facilitating that critically important sense of sight. Which is why, when it comes to getting yourself the best possible eye-care, in terms of globally renowned expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and unmatched success, you need to ‘look no further’ than our very own ‘visionary’ – Dr. Cyres Mehta. The passing years have only been adding to dynamic Dr. Cyres’ winning streak of prestigious accolades, making him stand out as one of the tallest feathers in our Community’s cap. The richly deserving recipient of innumerable national and global awards for his path-breaking research and contributions, which constantly set new standards and breakthroughs in eye care, Dr. Cyres Mehta has been a trailblazer and pioneer at the forefront of new advances in Robotic Cataract Surgery, Non-Invasive Laser Vision Correction (SMILE) and Non-Invasive Laser Treatment of Glaucoma. 

Having relocated to a huge, posh clinic in Colaba – under the aegis: ‘Dr. Cyres Mehta’s International Eye Centre’ – to accommodate the high-tech equipment which provides the best eye-solutions in the nation for his patients, the following are some of the cutting-edge eye-care services offered:

 A dedicated ‘Glaucoma Clinic’ for those afflicted with Glaucoma. Reckoned as the First clinic to have pioneered the NANO SLT Laser made by OPTO (Slovenia), this system is capable of bringing down the pressure of the eye and treating glaucoma in just two to three minutes! Approved by the Glaucoma Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, with this laser, the eye can be treated painlessly in the clinic itself without having to resort the otherwise need for surgery. Earlier, the procedure required the eye to be cut to perform the glaucoma operation.

Yet another First that the high-end eye clinic can boast of is the IOL MASTER 700 WITH TK, in 2019, which measures the power of the lens to implant in the eye. It is the most precise lens implant measuring system in the world, and is essential as corrective lenses are implanted in the eyes for those aged 48 years and over, to remove far-sightedness or hyperopia.

For Cataract surgery, the clinic offers Mumbai’s very First ‘Bladeless Robotic System’ (Catalys Surgical Laser System) which facilitates melting the cataract and making openings into the eye to implant the lens, without using a blade, as quickly as under one minute! A new system from Germany – called CALLISTO – also helps implant the lens precisely at the correct angle in the eye. This is used to implant ‘Custom-Made Cylindrical Lenses’ at a particular angle. In the absence of this system, the procedure was done manually, but this computer-guided system provides absolute accuracy.

For Retina Diagnosis, the clinic is equipped with the first and the only ANGIOVUE System in Mumbai. In this system, the angiography of the eye can be performed non-invasively, without any injection, which is very helpful to diagnose Macular Degeneration and diabetes in the retina, much earlier than any other technology. Naturally, a diagnosis in the early stages of diabetes or macular degeneration in the eye can be treated much better with enhanced results.

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