Get Ready To Swing With WINGS’19!!

In just a couple of weeks, the community’s number one and most sought-after, ‘All-Parsi Sports, Cultural and Talent Festival’, will kick off its fourth edition, with ‘WINGS’19’, on the 9th of November, 2019! In association with the Sir Ness Wadia Memorial Pavilion, and Parsi Times as Media Partner, WINGS’19 will be held over the course of two weekends (five days) – the 9th and 10th, as well as the 15th, 16th and 17th of November, at the Rustom Baug Grounds.

While the former weekend will host preliminary rounds of several sporting events, including field events, court events, indoor and outdoor sports, the latter weekend will comprise events like paintball, air hockey, a midnight treasure hunt, followed by the Finals of various sporting events. The Grand Finale will be held on the 17th of November, 6 pm onwards, hosted by Hormuz Ragina, India’s Number 1 JAM Master!!

Last year, the event received 250 team registrations and 800 individual registrations across its 15 events! In 2018, Team Wings organized the 1st All Parsi 1v/s1 football tournament, PUBG event and Paintball tournament, fulfilling its objective of bringing fresh and exciting new events to the youth. This year, things get even better and more thrilling with WINGS’19 introducing more new, exciting sports – like ‘Foot Tennis’ and ‘Telegames’.

WINGS’19 Top Highlight: ‘TELEGAMES’

 This year, WINGS’19 adds a whole day for its new feature event – TELEGAMES – an event that demands a combination of athleticism, skill, timing, balance and speed. Comprising a team of five, with one girl mandatory, this event will be held on 15th November and carry a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 for the winning team, alongside many exciting prizes! It will follow the relay format, calling for the best of individual as well as team skills, as they race to the finish line of this mega obstacle course!

TELEGAMES is poised to be one of the best highlights of WINGS’19 – bursting with professional adventure and obstacle courses – built across the entire Rustom Baug grounds!  From hurdles, to pyramids, to massive pulley set ups – participants will be needed to work through 15 challenges! With 30 teams already registered, TELEGAMES is all set to pull off a race like never before!!

To whet the appetites of those who love a good challenge, the following is a sneak-peak of some of the bases you can expect at TELEGAMES at WINGS’19

  • The Pyramid: Participants will need to climb a 60-degree slope, with nothing but a rope for support and then run down a 90-degree steep ladder to get over this feature obstacle!
  • Monkey Rings: Not for those who simply monkey around on bars, this base call for participants to use all their strength and agility to move across a body of water, using only rings – the size of palms – that would be hanging off a rod above them! Their task would be to cross the muddy water as fast as they can!
  • Hurdles: Placed across multiple, random parts of the course, this base could involve jumping over and ducking under the most unique hurdles ever seen!
  • Rope: If you thought hanging from rings, was adventurous, wait till you try to walk on a rope! Up at a height, the participants will need to walk between two ropes – one they will stand on, and the other, that will above their heads to use for support! Balance, timing and speed will be key!
  • Pulley: This will be the final base in the race. The only activity that requires the whole team to work together, it calls for the team’s collective strength to pull their side of the pulley down, so that their team mate at the other end, is raised higher till he gets the flag, which is placed 25 feet above the ground. Grabbing this flag will mark the end of the course!

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