Ratan Tata Is President Of MU’s Advisory Council

The pride of our community and India’s foremost industrialist, Ratan Tata has been nominated as the President to the first-ever Advisory Council of Mumbai University (MU). As per a statement released by MU, “Based on his experience in creating employment opportunities for youths and being knowledgeable about global trends in education as well as industry, chancellor (governor) of Mumbai University has nominated Ratan Tata to head the advisory council.” the statement said.

Scientist – Dr. Anil Kakodkar and Maharashtra Government’s Upper Chief Secretary – Sujata Saunik, have been nominated as Council Members. As mandated by the Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016, the Advisory Council is responsible for guiding the Vice-Chancellor on matters related to education, research and development, by presenting an action plan report. The members are also required to assist MU raise financial resources and provide good governance to elevate its standing in academic, administrative and financial matters.

Vice-chancellor Dr. Suhas Pednekar said that the university felt pride as the distinguished members became a part of the university. “Ratan Tata’s expertise in the industrial sector will help the university create suitable courses and shape new entrepreneurs,” he stated.

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